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Import of Port forwards (Tunnels)

Hi all,

Im using RoyalTSX and I love it and while I do like the ability to import from CSV I cant seem to import a tunnel csv to go with the SSH connection that I create. Am I missing something or is that ability not in the program as it stands today?

Meaning Id like to create a CSV for the SSH connection and then either within the same CSV or in a different one create the tunnels and attach it to the SSH connection Im creating.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jason,

right now it's not possible to import tunnel configurations but I'll move your question into the "Ideas" forum so we'll treat it as a feature request.



Thanks Felix, Id love to see this added as this is what I use for all my customer connections for work on my MAC.

Much appreciated.


Good news, Jason!

Importing Secure Gateways will be supported in the next major release of Royal TSX.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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