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iLO (HP Remote Management)

Would be nice to have a kind of iLO plugin for HP (HP Integrated Lights Out Add-on) Has it in there Add-Ons

Also with this option it would be great to have to possibility to connect over a Gateway (Like SSH Tunnel)

So that you do not need to connect with a VPN to Access the iLO Remote Console.

Also the new versions of iLO have HTML5 Console Access Maybe that's easier the implement as a first step.

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This would be awesome and I would love to also be able to control my Supermicro servers via IPMI.

that is exactly i was looking at. 

You can do this using the following method:

Download the standalone ILO console from HP (

Connection Type: External Application
Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\HPE iLO Integrated Remote Console\HPLOCONS.exe" or wherever you have installed the application.
Arguments: -addr ILOAddress:ILOPort -name ILOLoginID -password ILOPassword (example -addr -name myILOAdmin -password myILOPassword)

This is how I have it working.


I'm trying to get this done as well but I don't seem to be able to pass the $URI$ connection as an Argument, it always display as blank. I can setup username and password in the custom fields but I need the $URI$ to work - any suggestions?

Try to change Engine: from Modern to Legacy. 

Where do I do that? from a quick search this can be done for web pages, but this is a standalone external application

GO to Properties for any system profile and you will see under webpage connection settings Page.

I cant find this setting but I dont understand how this is related to the external application if this is something that affects web pages rendering only.

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