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Import of subfolder placements ( Path )

Hi there, I miss the follwoing feature, when importing a large set of Connections.
When importing multiple connections via CSV. I would like to sepcify the Path ( Folder Placememnt of the connections) directly in the CSV.

So it would be possible to import different groups of connections ( for example by location / subfolder ) at once. 

For now it is only pssoble to import Connections all residing in one folder ( sepcified a t the end of the import process).



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Hi Patrick,

thank you for your feature request. You're right, that at the moment you can't import from CSV into different folders according to a location field. This is mostly because there are too many scenarios how this location is specified. That's why we created a sample PowerShell script which can easily adapted and modified to your needs which allows you to cover more advanced scenarios:

I hope this helps.


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