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Add Tab Layouts functionality for MAC version

Hi guys, will be nice if you add tab layouts functionality for MAC version as on windows ( ), its very useful feature.

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Its very useful feature for DevOps to have multiple ssh connections in one tab and using broadcast feature!!!


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Until this is supported, you can drag tabs out of the main window and arrange them side by side.

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I also vote for this option.

I have connections open to different environments (dev, production, buildserver, logserver, monitoringserver, ...). Some environments (dev, prod) have multiple nodes, so I would like to Broadcast to a selected few terminals in 1 go, not ALL open terminals.

If it is too much work to implement this for macOS, I would already be happy with an option to toggle the broadcast per Tab.

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@Atze: Would you mind posting a separate feature request for your suggestion to be able to broadcast input to a specific set of terminal connections since this is unrelated to the tab layout feature.



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