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Possibility to modify Key Mappings (Key to Action) in Royal TSX for iTerm2

Hi there,

In iTerm2 we have 'Preferences' > 'Keys' configuration where you can setup your own keys to action (i.e. by keyboard shortcut (for example ALT+E) you insert any text), please see screenshot in attach (filename: Keys to Actions.png).

Can we please consider to implement (in fact we just need to port it from iTerm2 (where it is already implemented)) the same in Royal STX?

Thanks a lot in advance,


When are you planning to implement this feature?

It would be convenient to use own iTerm profile.

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We plan to add this in the next major release. I can't provide an ETA at the moment though.

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Hi there,

good news! Key mappings can now be modified in the latest Royal TSX V4 beta and the corresponding iTerm2 plugin.

Please let us know if it's working for you!



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