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RoyalTS Window intermittently losing focus when interacting with RDP Session

This issue has been happening for a while for me, but I kind of chalked it up to something weird on my system. I have since experienced it on a a second system and also after rebuilding current system from Win7 to Win10 so I figured I would see if anyone else is experiencing it.

Seemingly at random times, when I am interacting with an RDP session in a tab, when I click the mouse, it will bring forward a windows that was open behind RoyalTS. Like a messenger window or Outlook. Its like the Royal TS window was transparent and the click went through it and registers on the application in the background. 

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Hi Drew,

we have heard of issues like this from a small number of users but we weren't able to pin it down. We suspect that some other tool is interfering with Royal TS and some Windows-Message get's mixed up somehow. We asked other users to try to repro the issue on a vanilla machine but haven't heard back from them. Are you able to repro the issue on a new machine? Can you think of any tool/software/driver which might interfere?


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