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Coloring of syntax in SSH sessions


it would be very helpfull if you could make it so that certain words in SSH session get a color.

It would also be nice if you could choose those words and colors freely or use a template such as 'Cisco network devices' or 'Linux distributions'.

Your competitors such as MobaXterm and Devolutions already have this possibility.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Color schemes and highlighting of individual (custom) keywords based on regex are two separate things. Color schemes are already supported in Royal TS:

You can even define your own color palette there.

This also applies to the PuTTY plugin.


To make it clear: it's the highlighting of keywords that I'm talking about.

Thanks for the clarification. As reflected on the status here, this is planned and will hopefully make it into the next major release.


Is there any vague idea as to when I can expect this feature to become available?

We have a rough prototype ready but it's not yet production quality. As mentioned above it will be part of the next major release but this will take a while. We will probably have a beta with the feature included in a couple of months...

I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

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Will I be alerted when this beta version will become available? 

If you are watching this topic, you should get a notification once we have something to test.


Any news yet?


we already started with the implementation. This is on the roadmap for the next major version. A schedule for a beta is not yet available, sorry.


Any news?

Implementation is already done but we still haven't released a beta version yet. Unfortunately there are still other things we have to do before we can release our first beta version for Royal TS V5.


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