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Make TS Forget credentials?

Hi, I've got a few saved TS/RDP sessions which keep using the wrong account - I used a different account one time and now it uses it every time.

I was hoping I could just right-click on the item and say "forget credentials" or similar but I can't find such a thing. 

Also it is automatically saving my passwords seemingly at random and I need to know how to disable this for some.

I know I need to spend more time learning the product so I appreciate the gentle help. :)


Further puzzling is when I look down the list of objects I see in the column "Automatic" logon is set to yes, but not every entr asks for a password. When I right click and turn off Automatic Logon, the system still logs me on automatically, for those I don't want to autologon. Version is paid, std, 3.3.61216 .


Hi Bob,

can you provide more details about your setup? Are you providing the credentials in the connection objects or do you get the credential prompt from the operating system. If the latter is the case (when credentials don't match or when you don't provide creds), the OS will store the credentials outside of Royal TS (using the Windows Credential Manager). You can find more information about that here:


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Stefan, I did not know these were stored in Credential Manager. I cleared them all out and so far so good. Thank you!

Hi Bob,

glad I could help!


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