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Credentials from KeePass

I see that Royal TS can use passwords from KeePass, and there's a very brief mention in the help documents. Are there any samples/screenshots I can refer to? I tried a couple of things but didn't get far. I'm looking for basic steps.

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there are basically two ways on how to work with KeePass files:

1. Import a file (and continue to work with your credentials in Royal TS): this is a one time migration of your keepass file(s) and after you imported the credentials you only use Royal TS as your credential manager:

2. Open the keepass file, continue to use keepass as credential manager but use the credentials in Royal TS: In this scenario you simply hit the File -> Open command on the Home ribbon tab (or on the File backstage view you select Open external credential vault). Once the open file dialog is shown, make sure you select the KeePass file type, browse to your keepass file and click on open. In this scenario, Royal TS will show the keepass file content in the navigation tree and you can assign credentials from that document in your connections.

Let me know if this helps.


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