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Multiple Monitors on Windows (RDP)

Hello folks,

I apologize but i have not been able to find an answer in the knowledge base nor by searching the forum.

My platform - Win10

1) I have 3 monitors, i would like to RDP into another Win10 system using all 3 monitors. Even though my session has the check to use multiple monitors, RDP session shows up only on one. 

2) If i do get past #1 , is there a way to control how many monitors are used by RDP in full screen, say i only want to use 2 out of 3 ?

Thank you


to make this work, you need to go to "Window Mode" and select "Full Screen". There you can also check the option to use multiple monitors:

As with mstsc.exe, you can only use all available screens and not choose a lower number of screens.



When i look at session properties,  Open Connection in is set to "External Window (Full Screen)".  I have also put a check mark next to "Use multiple monitors".  External Window Settings is set to "Screen 1"  and i have also tried "Remember Screen".

With these settings RDP session still opens on a single monitor.  Another data point if it make any difference is that two of my monitors are 4k monitors, 3rd monitor is a regular 1080p monitor.

Thank you

Can you open a support ticket and send us more information (OS version of client and server, Royal TS version, etc.)?

Thank you,

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