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WebPlugin with full HTML5 support like Chrome

I can`t use Royal TSX to manage vCenter and ESX today via html5 interface. Safari webplugin is not supported by VMware because lack of full html5 compatibility. For example, tasks are not displayed, blue screen instead of login prompt in esxi.

Exactly, you can use a site like to grab the user agent string of Safari and paste that in the "Use custom User Agent String" field in the "Advanced" settings of your web connection. That should get rid of the warning.

We are using the Web plugin to access our esx hosts. It does show a blue screen which is annoying but right click in the window and select Reload and then the login prompt should display. Irritating but at least it works. We have the URL configured for the esx host console to: https://esxhostname/ui/#/login and the engine set as Modern. I still can not get it to autofill the credentials and I have tried several different methods. If anyone knows how to get it to do that properly please comment.


We were previously able to reproduce the "stuck blue screen" issue but this seems to have been resolved in newer version of the HTML5 client.

Regarding auto fill:

There are two problems:

  1. The VMware web client loads its login UI using JavaScript and it takes an unknown amount of time to appear. If you configure a high enough delay in the auto fill settings you can get the page to properly fill the HTML fields.
  2. The VMware web client doesn't allow login until it receives real(!) keypresses in both, the username and password fields. Unfortunately this cannot be simulated using JavaScript so even if you get the fields to properly auto fill you will not be able to click login. As a workaround you can enter a blank and immediately remove it in both fields. This will then enable the login button

But tasks are still invisible :( It is the biggest problem because it very important in daily tasks.

Hi Wojciech,

I don't quite understand what you mean by "tasks are still invisible". Could you please elaborate? A screenshot would probably also help.



looks like this is related to my issue. I'm getting unsupported browser from, and even with user agent is faked, the session is not saved at all.

Hi Reynold,

I cannot reproduce the unsupported browser issue but obviously I don't have an account and can't check what happens after login.

Which user agent string did you use?

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "the session is not saved at all", can you please elaborate?



Hi Felix, I have made a screen recording -- uploaded to youtube for your viewing -- -- pardon with the quality, it was just upload so the higher quality may not be completed 


Hi Felix here's the reproduction of the unsupported browser in action.

Hi Reynold, so in the video I can't see that you provided a custom user agent string. Please try to copy the user agent string from Safari and check again. Thx, Felix

Hi Felix, here's the video showing wiht custom user agent, logged-in, closed the browser tab, but instead requiring login again --

Hi Reynold,

can you please try disabling "Prevent cross-site tracking"?



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