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In a proper environment you have an normal user account and a administrator account (not named administrator).

i would like to build in an template or external tool (Maybe SysInternals ShellRunAs) to be able to "run as different user" option.

How am I able to build this in the RoyalTS tool?

Kind Regards, Frank

Hi Frank,

it depends on your exact requirement. In general, you can start external tools elevated but it requires you to run Royal TS elevated as well. Please refer to the following KB for more information:

I hope this helps.


Thank you Stefan,

But that is just it, as I explained, you would have 2 accounts to use, the normal and the admin, it is not recommended to use everything with the admin account. Hence my question.

Regards, Frank


I'm not familiar with ShellRunAs but the limitation as described in the KB is from Windows. As far as I know, you can't create an elevated process from an unelevated account. If this is your requirement and want to create elevated processes from Royal TS, you need to run Royal TS elevated. I'm not aware of any other solution.


I don't mind entering an name and password.
That is logical that that wouldn't work, I'm looking at (maybe an template) to start an app, that request my admin credentials, and that app has to start that way.

Cheers, Frank


You can configure the external app connection type to start with a different credential. All you need to do is to configure a credential in the Credentials page (you may also set it up to prompt for a credential using the Specify a credential name option and put a ? in the name), then under Advanced you need the checkbox:

Use Credentials

Still, the limitation, that you can't start an elevated process from an unelevated one will apply - at least the last time I checked.


Also a thing I researched (credentials), but it is not a good idea to store admin credentials.

And yes, the limitation is how windows worked, I'm an IT engineer. I don't want anything outside the scope of windows or RoyalTS.
Just a way to start a app (from royalTS) that asks my admin credentials. Also a bit of information, my admin passwords change every 24 hours, so storing them has nu use at all.

Cheers, Frank


I understand. That's why I mentioned the ability to prompt for credentials. As mentioned above, configure the credential option to "Specify a credential name". Then enter a ? as the credential name. At "connect" time, you will get a prompt where you can enter username and password.

Alternatively, you can also just run any script/batch file which prompts for your credential and continues from there.

Let me know if this helps.



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I'm sorry, I tested your solution, but the (in this case) command prompt runs (even when I specify different) with my own account.

Cheers, Frank


Even when I enable: Connect with Options > Ask Credentials (which Isn't asked) it doesn't work.
I know it is something from my end, but I can't figure what.

Cheers, Frank


Can you please create a support ticket by emailing us some screenshots and details to support(-at-)

Also, please provide which version you are using.

We will look into it.


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