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Password API/Pleasant Password Integration

Royal TSX integrates with some password stores, but none of the current ones are really enterprise-ready password storage.  It would be nice to offer integration to one (my employer uses Pleasant Password.), or ideally an API to enable shims to be written between the API of the password storage and Royal TSX.

I'm posting this in Mac as I'm a Mac user, but I know both pieces of software exist on other platforms, so really this should be considered a general feature request.

Hi Daniel,

just wanted to let you know that we're working on a generic way to integrate with external data sources for the next major version.

How exactly this will work I can't yet say since we're still in the prototyping phase but it should allow you to use most kinds of centralized credential management systems.



Sounds good, thanks.  Having an available API of some sort for this will be great.  (And I fully understand not wanting to get into details while the details are still in flux.)


Yes, there will be some kind of API.

It's quite a challenge to make this as powerful as possible while still maintaining basic usability for non-programmers/scripters so we're playing around with different ideas right now.

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