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Mouse cursor changes to a tiny _ when hovering in applications where text is allowed

Last time I used RTS, on Saturday, this problem was not happening. 

Today, however, when I am using RDP connection to servers (2008 R2 and 2012), I will get the normal arrow cursor when moving around the screen; however, when I hover over an application that allows text to be entered (or also when I go to insert text into said application), the mouse cursor turns into a tiny _ that I can't see and it is hard to use. Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi Mike,

unfortunately this is an issue with Microsoft's RDP ActiveX control which ships with Windows and is used by Royal TS. You can read more about that here:

You can download and try RDCM from Microsoft here (which uses the same ActiveX):

You will notice a similar behavior.

All you can do is to report he issue to Microsoft (as mentioned in the linked KB article above using the Feedback Hub tool) and hope they will fix that soon.


Stefan - thanks for the reply. I saw that before I posted, but I am not sure it applies in my situation, or if it does, it's behavior is weird. 

This is not on a high DPI monitor. Additionally, the documentation you sent made it seem like it is a cursor problem all the time. Mine is specifically and only when the mouse goes in an area that accepts typing. The rest of the time (like when moving it around the desktop, etc, it is perfectly sized arrow). 

Finally, I used this several days last week and Saturday and didn't have this issue. It just appeared suddenly. Have been using RTS on Windows 10 for about 6 months now and never saw the issue until now. 

To our knowledge, this is related to certain high-DPI scenarios. In any case, we do not have any means to interfere or modify the way the cursor is rendered inside the RDP session. As mentioned before, we are using the Microsoft RDP ActiveX control and we simply apply some settings and call the Connect method. From there on, we pass control over to the component.

My guess is, that a Microsoft patch/update was installed either on the remote or local machine which now cause the issue on your side.

Sorry I have no better news for you.


For whatever reason, it seemed to clear up today so all is well now I suppose. Thanks

Glad to hear that!

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