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Support for SOCKS5 Proxy

I would like to see support for SOCKS5 proxies, preferably as another option for a Secure Gateway. I have a tunnel set up on my Mac, roughly equivalent to ssh -D 56789. I can, for instance, curl --socks5 localhost:56789 to test that my connection is being passed through the tunnel. Using ssh -o 'ProxyCommand nc -x localhost:56789 %h %p' also works.

It would be great to use this as a gateway for some of my connections. My other connections need to avoid this tunnel, which prevents me from using socksify on the whole TSX app.

Right now, if I create a Secure Gateway for localhost:56789, the "Test gateway" says it's working (just a port scan?). But using it as a gateway for an RDP connection hangs indefinitely on the connection phase. For a while, I ran a Linux VM to make the tunnel and wired a Secure Gateway to it. I eventually stopped using the VM because that setup was unreliable.

In any case, I'd rather not involve any other computers since my Mac can run the tunnel fine on its own. I'm also unenthusiastic about setting up port forwarding individually for every single connection.

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SOCKS5 in the Windows TS "Idea" board 

Jody and I have similar goals for different reasons. I don't really care if the connection is encrypted an extra time; I just want to use an arbitrary socks5 proxy and decide on my own whether to use authentication or not. I don't think ActiveX is a consideration for the MacOS version, but I don't know what's going on under the hood.

FreeRDP socks5 GitHub pull request

Someone else is working on a per-connection socks5 configuration option for RDP. If the actual implementation of Secure Gateways in TSX RDP delegates to the proxy argument of FreeRDP rather than managing the tunnel elsewhere, this PR might help.

I'd like to set up the proxy once, point a TSX folder at it, and point all nested RDP/SSH connections to their parent folder.

Hi Michael,

we'd love to support SOCKS proxies in Remote Desktop Connections but right now this is not supported by the FreeRDP library.

There's a pull request on FreeRDP's Github which adds support but hasn't been merged yet. So we're optimistic that when the next major version of Royal TSX is ready, FreeRDP's SOCKS proxy support will be ready too.



Thanks, Felix! That's great to hear.

The FreeRDP codebase has now merged a pull request to support SOCKS5. I look forward to a version of TSX that takes advantage of it. I've been using port forwarding for the last few months, but it's not ideal.

Thanks again.

Hi Michael,

yeah, I've seen that. Unfortunately, at least at the moment it doesn't work for me and crashes immediately after trying to open the proxy connection. I'll look into it some more in the coming weeks.



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