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How to configure granular RDP redirection settings?

Hi, I am trying to replicate a working mstsc RDP connection that redirects one particular USB device, but no other.
In RoyalTS, it seems, I can either redirect all or none. If I redirect all via RoyalTS, the RDP connection title bar shows the usual additional icon, but unlike connecting via mstsc, clicking this icon does not open the dialog window in which you can usually configure, which devices are redirected.
Additionally/independently, I wonder how to configure the "redirect drives that I plug in later" option in RoyalTS?
The following screenshot compares the available options:


Thanks, Michael.


Hi Michael,

Royal TS is not using mstsc.exe behind the scenes. It's using the Microsoft RDP ActiveX control which ships with Windows and there are a couple of differences compared to mstsc.exe. As far as I know, these are limitations of the ActiveX control. I'm afraid you can only redirect all devices or no devices. I'm also not seeing the option to redirect drives which are plugged in after the initial connect.



Hi Stefan,
okay, thanks for the explanation. I guess chances are slim that MS would consider improving their ActiveX control for RDP if you gave them feedback or a support call...?

They haven't invested in the ActiveX in years and if you look at "Project Honolulu", it's clear their priorities shifted. Maybe we get soon a decent web based RDP client...

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