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VMware question

Hi first off love this app, just wish I would of found it years ago. The only issue I’m having is sometimes I need to use the vSphere client to alter the VLAN (on the fly) on the server, and this can’t be done on RDC but using the VMware tools...... I’ve got it listing all the VMs in the environment but cant seem to get it to open the server using the vSphere client... Can anyone help please??? Thanks :-)

Hi Mike! Can you please further specify what you exactly need? 

Anyway, we have no plans making Royal TS/X a replacement for the current vSphere Clients, like Web Client or the new HTML5 Client. Therefor we won't implement the functionality editing VM configurations to change the network of a virtual machine anytime soon. But you have the possibility integrating the HTML5 Client with a WebPage Connection in your Royal TS/X client.

Hi, Thanks for your help.... I've managed to get it to speak tho the VMware server however when I try to connect to any of the hosts in adhoc mode I get an error.

How do I get it to open the HTML5 or Web client?

What exact error are you getting? Can you see any logs in the "View -> Logs" viewer of Royal TS?

- If you're trying to open any VM console and are using the VMware ESXi Free Hypervisor, the issue may be caused as the free ESXi has a limited API and is not allowing to get the required VM console tokens to open the remote connection.

- If you're you're trying to connect SSH, this fails by default as SSH is disabled by default.

Of course you can also open a case at us by dropping a mail to support [at], if you don't want to have your logs/screenshots public.

To embed the HTML5 Client you can just create a usual "Web page connection" by specifying the URL to the HTML5 client. AutoFill does actually not work (sadly, due to the many JavaScript which is involved), but the basic functions should work fine. Web Client (Flash-based) does not work, as our used Chromium engine does not have Flash built-in.

Hope this helps!

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