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Cannot execute a task that's connected to a credential.

  • I have a credential setup called MyCred : mydomain\myuser
  • I have a remove desktop setup: myserverbox. It is connected to the credential above MyCred.
  • I changed the Event Viewer task under Application/Tasks to be connected to MyCred credential as well.

I right-click on a remote desktop and select Command Tasks/Event Viewer menu.  I get a dialog box with an error:

Execute Command Failed

Cannot execute the command:

The user name or password is incorrect

If I go to Event Viewer and connect manually to the computer in question with the credentials from above - all is successful.

What am I missing?

P.S.  Windows 10, Royal TS v4.2.60816.10000

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configuring credentials for tasks doesn't impersonate the user automatically. It's just a way to connect credentials and use the replacement tokens to access the credential information.

The eventvwr.exe doesn't allow you to pass on username and password using the command line, so the tasks credentials are no use in this case.

You can do one of the following:

I hope this helps.


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