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vCenter Ad-Hoc connection not using RDP plugin


I'm having an issue where I'm using the vCenter plugin to search through our VM list and connect to some of them on the fly, but in the "Connect (Ad Hoc)" dropdown, there are no options to use the RDP plugin, only Console (which opens up the VMWare Remote Console application; not optimal for copy-paste operations and such), SSH (useless for Windows) or VNC (not optimal for Windows).

I've resorted to use the vCenter plugin to search for the VM, get it's IP, and get manually enter the IP in a new Ad-Hoc connection, but that's tedious. 

Is there a way to have the vCenter plugin connect to VMs using RDP ?

Thanks in advance for your help! :) 

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Hi Alex!

That indeed sounds like a cool idea! Sadly there's currently no such plugin yet, so please create your post in our Ideas forum at once again. I think that's a good point for our v5 roadmap so far :)



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