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Options for closing multiple tabs

Unless I'm missing something obvious, there doesn't appear to be a quick way to close multiple tabs, in one go. I'm specifically looking for an option to close all disconnected tabs, as I have the 'Keep remotely disconnected tabs open' option enabled, and these can build up over time. The context menu of the tab gutter contains two possible options to close all tabs (a 'Close all Documents' menu item, or via a separate 'Windows' dialog), but the tab gutter is not always the easiest place to right-click (especially when you have lots of tabs already). I think these options (and my desired new 'Close all disconnected tabs' option) should also be available via the 'View' ribbon, and possibly also the 'Show windows list' dropdown. I'm not a UX expert, but these places were where I instinctively looked for them.
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thanks for the feedback. We will add this option to the context menu in the next major version.


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