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Can Not Drag Folders/Connections to Rearrange

Have I gone crazy? I used to be able to do this. I left-click click on a folder or connection icon in the Navigation panel and hold and go to drag it to a new location but the icon just remains in place. Sometimes the icon flickers briefly on the initial click and hold and move action as if it registers it and sometimes a re-positioning line appears above or below the original location, but no further no matter where the mouse pointer goes. This is a new PC and fresh new install but can't imagine what could be impacting this? Have tried two different mice too. Any thoughts?

Sometimes the relocation line and icon banner appears initially next to the icon when mouse is first moved but quickly disappears


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I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with Royal TS. What version of Royal TS are you using? Does it work when you use the label to drag the item?


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