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AD synchronization and Credential propagation


I'm managing ~3000 RDP Connections with several Domains and credentials within RoyalTS.

I'm extremely missing the ability to keep RoyalTS in Sync with Active Directory. For me it's just impossible to keep track within the changes of this amount of connections.

I already found a old post in here which leads to an Powershell Script on github. Unfortunately this is for the V3 Beta and I had to modify some stuff to get it running with v4. For me it's not a good way to workaround the problem as it gets very complex in my Environment.

As well I'would love to see the ability to set credentials on a folder an then a checkbox which applies this credential within _every_ connection inside this folder. Currently I don't see a way to perform this without touching every single machine (no-go).

Hi Ben,

right now, the only way to build docs dynamically from a source like Active Directory, is through our powerful PowerShell cmdlets. To get started with this, go here:

There are already a couple of community scripts out there to help you get started with AD sync, like this:

If you create the structure using script, you can, of course, set up all the connections to inherit credentials already. If you want to change many objects (e.g. credential inheritance), you can use our powerful bulk-edit feature:

For new objects, use the Aplication -> Default Sertings folder to setup all the default values.

One little sneak peak: we are working on something for the next major release which will be much more helpful in your situation to dynamically pull in servers and connections from external sources, like AD. Stay tuned!



thanks for your feedback, when can we expect the next major release? This year?



We are aiming for the first public beta version in summer this year. The release date then depends on feedback and quality.


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