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Change one parameter on all serveurs

Hi all,

I have over 200 Connections in my RoyalTS.

I want to change a Custom Field on all connections, I want to know if I can do this ?

Thanks you


For existing objects, you can use the bulk-edit feature to edit all connections at once

For new objects, use the Aplication -> Default Sertings folder to setup all the default values.

Let me know if this helps.



Hi ! 

The bulkedit answer to my question thanks.

I have a custom field by server which is a different path for each server.

Recently, I have changed the server (for GDPR matter)

Example :

Old path : //server1/path/to/files/for/connection

New path : P:/Path/to/files/for/connection

As you can see, only the begin change. Do you think it's possible to change this on all connections ?


I guess you have two options here:

1. if you haven't configured lockdown, you can try a search / replace in a text editor and change the .rtsz file there. Keep in mind to be careful with those changes as you can easily mess up the document when you do something wrong. 

2. you can write a script and change your objects using our PowerShell cmdlets:

You should at least have a backup copy of your document before you make any changes.


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