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Beta V5 - script commands

I am wondering if the script commands that are available in V4 are available yet in V5? I use a script to connect to a machine and when I replaced the path to the .exe the script just crashes and never connects but when I replace it with the V4 path like it was it works fine. I figured they might not be available yet. 

V4 version

"C:\Program Files\RoyalTS\RoyalTS.exe" /protocol:terminal /using:name /uri:"APP1 - Reporting"

V5 version

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Royal TS V5\RoyalTS.exe" /protocol:terminal /using:name /uri:"APP1 - Reporting"



the command line parameters have not been changed. I just tested your example with an URI available in one of my documents and it seems to work fine for me. Can you open a support ticket with the crash details:


I got it working, I had a typo. Thanks.


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