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IS there a way to quickly sort by a tag like Location

We organized our enterprise shared workbook using a functional methodology.

So we have :

IT Team



--Domain Controllers

--Citrix Servers

under each is all of our locations connections specifically for that function. 

I wanted to somehow tag a location to each object so that when i click on the root  folder with show objects from sub folders checked, and I can then have a column or something that says Location which i can sort on.

that way i could see all servers from New York for instance across all the functional sub folders.

I kind of got this to work with Custom Field 1, but i can't rename the custom field and don't know if this is the optimal way.  Any suggestions appreciated. 

I been using thi for about 2 years and just realizing how powerful this tool is.  Love it.

Hi Eric,

you can set labels/names for Custom Fields in the Options (via View -> Options):

Let me know if this helps.

I did this and it did work! however, it does not add the column for others in the shared workbook or change the label for custom form either.

Is there a way to accomplish this that all will see the results w/o manual intervention by each installation?

Unfortunately not. The labels are a user preference and stored for each user in their profile. It's not saved for the document and our current architecture doesn't allow to change custom fields for a document because in certain views we display objects from different documents (for example when you look at a credential and display all connections it has been assigned to). In this case we wouldn't know which label to pick for the column because it still saves the information in the field "Custom Field 1".

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