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Key Sequence Broadcaster History

Can we implement a feature so key sequence broadcaster shows a history of previous last 10-20 or so commands like SuperPuTTY shows?

I will see what I can come up with...

That's a good point. Usually when I'm using key sequence broadcaster it's usually single lines anyways. Maybe only have it so the history shows single line commands ran?

That UI makes sense for a single line command but I'm not sure how we should implement a UI for our broadcaster as it allows multi-line text. A combo-box will not be a good fit for that. Any suggestions?

Please see the attached picture. It's a drop down list of last previous commands/or common commands, I can't tell for sure. I would have to test. This has come in handy sometimes. I haven't used SuperPuTTY in a long time but this list I think it's max is 9-10 items in here, which I think is sufficient.

Can you provide more details on how this works in other tools. The broadcaster is a multi-line text field. I'm not sure how a history could be implemented in this case.

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