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How many concurrent RDP sessions can you have running? (paid license)

Currently using the free version which allows you to manage a maximum of 10 RDP connections. I am also able to have all 10 RDP sessions actively running. With the paid license I know that I can manage more than 10 RDP connections, but can I have more than 10 concurrent RDP sessions active?

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There's no programmatic limit in Royal TS, so in theory you can open as many connections as you want. In reality, this question is a bit harder to answer because it depends on many things. In general, the max. number of connection is limited by your system resources and how much of the resources are being used by your connections. In RDP, for example, a session can take up to 150 to 200 MB of ram (depending on resolution, color depth, bitmap caching, etc.). On systems with low memory this can quickly lead to performance issues or connection errors when you open too many of such sessions - especially on 32 bit systems. In short, the more sessions you want to use at the same time, the beefier your machine has to be.

I hope this answers your question.

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