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Run a Key Sequence on Selected Sessions in the Mac Client

The Mac version is missing a major and VERY useful feature the Windows client has.  In the Windows client you can run a key sequence against the connections you choose.  Not to be confused with the broadcast option but rather the more targeted method.

For example, if you connect to 10 SSH sessions and then pick a key sequence, the dashboard allows you to run that sequence against, one, three... any or all of the sessions that show in the dashboard.  It automatically moves through each session and runs the sequence before moving to the next session.  On the Mac you can only run the sequence on one session at a time and it requires it to be done manually.

It'd be nice to get this in the Mac version.  Maybe even expand it's functionality on both platforms so that it can act similarly to the broadcast option, just on the specifically selected sessions.

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This has now been rolled out in Royal TSX 4.1.

Hi Ryan, we have no plans to add that feature in the near future but please feel free to add a new feature request and we'll have a look once time permits. Cheers, Felix

That does work Felix, however that window disappears every time you send a key sequence. I'm curious if there are plans to make a persistent input box like on RoyalTS where I can type and send a bunch of commands without losing the input box.

Ryan, you should be able to do this already by context clicking the connections you would like to execute the key sequence against and selecting "Favorite Key Sequences - Ad hoc key sequence".

That worked, thanks!

Are there plans to allow ad-hoc key sequences in that view, similar to the key-sequence broadcaster in RoyalTS?

Hey Ryan, select the task you want to run in the navigation panel. Then switch to the overview or dashboard tab. If you're in overview mode, go to "View - Switch to Dashboard". Hope that helps! Cheers, Felix

How do I access the Command/Key Sequence Task context dashboard? I've got the latest beta but I can't seem to find it. Thanks!

Awesome! Glad to hear that!

To disable the prompt, open the properties of your task and enable "No confirmation required". I guess a "Do not ask again" checkbox in the actual prompt would be nice though so I added that to my To-do list too. ;)



Felix, This is fantastic!  I've tested it and it is working great!  One question though, is there a way to suppress the "Are you sure?" dialog?  Clicking that dialog box while running this against 50+ servers could become tedious.

Hi Charlie,

Royal TSX beta is now available and includes the Command/Key Sequence Task context dashboard.

Please let us know if it works as expected for you!



Felix, this is great news!  I'll keep an eye out for the next beta release.  Thanks!

Hey Charlie,

we implemented the task context dashboard today and it will be included in the next Royal TSX beta update.

We won't have support for the automatic tab switching though as our implementation on the Mac executes key sequences simultaneously. If you want to keep track of what's happening inside the remote sessions, I can recommend switching to the Overview once you start your key sequences as it lets you see multiple connections at once.



Thanks Felix,

Ah, ok, I was missing the filter steps.  I followed your steps and have confirmed this implementation works.  The only trouble I'll have is the way we've organized our sequences since they exist in sub folders and are usually only for specific VMs in that sub folder.  We have over 100 sequences created that way.  The need to make them a favorite will become confusing since many have similar names but different functions.

I suspect if you can get the key sequence dashboard added, that will satisfy our needs.  The goal for me would be to just select the task or sequence and then see all the active connections in the dashboard to selectively run it against with no need to set them as favorites.  The upside here is (in Windows) is moves form tab to tab and you can see the commands being executed.

Thanks again for your work!  This is easily the best program out there for this sort of thing.

Hi Charlie,

what exactly can't you get to work?

Here's how to execute a key sequence task against multiple connected sessions at once in the current beta:

  • Make sure the task you want to execute is marked as favorite
  • Connect the session you want to execute the task against
  • Switch to the Overview/Dashboard tab
  • If you're not in Dashboard mode, go to "View - Switch to Dashboard"
  • Select the folder or document where your connections reside in the navigation panel
  • If your connections are distributed through multiple subfolders, click the context menu of the "Filter" field in the folder dashboard and enable "Show objects from subfolders"
  • Filter or sort the dashboard by the "Connected" column
  • Select all connections that are connected
  • Control/Right-click the connections and select your key sequence from the "Favorite Key Sequences" menu

Hope that helps!



Hey Felix,


Thanks for working on this. I can't get the Favorite Key Sequences to work for me but I'm sure I'm missing something. I think the dedicated key sequence task dashboard will be perfect for my needs. Looking forward to this implementation. Thanks again for your hard work!


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