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X11-Server in RoyalTS integrieren / Integrate X11-Server in RoyalTS

Die Frage eines Kollegen: Wäre es möglich, einen X11-Server in RoyalTS zu integrieren, damit man nicht immer z.B. xming noch zusätzlich aufrufen muss?


Question form a collegue: Is it possible to integrate a X11-Server-Plugin to RoyalTS, so that it's not necessary to open another tool like xming?


Thank you for writing in. We currently do not have plans to include xming or any other x11 server in Royal TS.

Sorry I have no better news for you.

x11 or xming, x server support, like MobaXterm future, would make this a more complete feature. If anyone know how to do a work around to make it seamless with RoyalTS, please let me know.  

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