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Where are the color skins / themes in Royal TS version 5?

In version 4, I would go to View / Skins, and select the "DevExpress Dark Style" skin, but the "skin" is not appearing on my ribbon under the "View" tab.

I did find "Color Scheme" then "Custom" and scrolled down to "VS Dark", clicked "Copy" then selected "Preview" and "OK", which is close to what I had before.  This however seems a bit more complicated than just selecting one of the old version 4 skins.

Is the View/Skins section now depreciated from version 5, or is something wrong with my install (as I didn't uninstall version 4 first)?

Thank you,

-=Tyson Flint

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please check out this blog post:

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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