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RDP Sessions Resizing

RoyalTS v5.0.61221

Hello usually I'll be working in a couple RDP sessions then minimize RoyalTS while doing some researching in Firefox. Then when I pull RoyalTS back up after a bit the RDP session has resized itself adding scroll bars so I have to reconnect each RDP sessions to have it sized properly again.

Below is an example:



Thanks for the confirmation!

Thanks seems to be fixed now!

Good news! The next release will have this fixed.

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I was able to repro the issue on my side. Seems to be a bug in the UI framework. I opened a ticket with the vendor to look into it. What I noticed, it only seems to be a one time size change when minimize/restore is done. So if you minimize and restore the window at the beginning one time before you initiate a connection, you shouldn't see the issue. Also, for me the smart reconnect in the latest build solves the issue for the active session.

I will keep you posted here when I hear something from the UI framework vendor.

Thanks for your patience. 

Same here started with v5 but yeah I'll have RoyalTS minimized then bring it back up and it's resized adding scroll bars.

Same with me here. Since the update from v4 to v5 and also with the new update to 5.0.61315 the connections are shown normally till I minimize the RoyalTS window. After maximizing the windows again there are scrollbars in all connection windows.

I have not changed anything in my connection-document yet.

That's strange. Is there any pattern or event on the system which triggers the resize of the window/session?

Hi, i also experiencing this issues with latest Build and SmartReconnect enable!

Hi James! Did you enable Smart Reconnect in the connection properties? If not, can you try to enable it?

Still experiencing the issue with version 5.0.61315.

Thank you!


I've done some improvements today in this area. A new build will be released within the next couple of days. Once the next release has been published\, please check and let us know if the issue has been resolved.


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