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Key Sequence replacing first character with 'e'


I'm trying to send key sequences to a remote session (actually I want to logoff by sending keys), so for testing purpose I created a key sequence like this and sent it to a remote server:


(Windows key redirection is enabled). So basically it's somewhat working: the Windows key is presse,d but instead of "cmd.exe" it searches for "emd.exe" (so it opens search). Same thing happens with


Command gets modified to "eowershell.exe"

So for whatever reason the first character is replaced by an "e".

It works perfectly fine if the key sequence gets executed on the local computer.

I assume I'm not doing anything wrong?



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Hi Martin,

you're right, this is very weird. It seems that the Microsoft RDP ActiveX control which ships with Windows has some weird issues when we send a Windows key press to the remote session. As you figured it out already, we are actually sending the "c" character to the remote session because locally we see that the "c" key is pressed. I was able to workaround it with a hack like this:

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