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Integration with ARCON PAM

We at ARCON have a product PAM(Privilege Access Management) system. It provides a SSO and password vault services.

We want to integrate with Royal TSX. To do that we need to lauch royal TSX auto-create the dynamic folders. When a user opens a new RDP or SSH connection we would like to fetch the password from the Vault API and establish the connection.

I tried to read the but still not sure how do we proceed with this requirement.

Yes the api returns

    "Username": "user1",
    "Password": "user@111"

Can you examine the logs (via the View tab) and check if there's an error or warning?

I dont get any errors or warnings in log. Can you try if this works at your end?

If we can pass Arguments before we launch the app just  like credential this will be helpful.

Hi Kalpesh,

I'm sorry for the delay.

I stepped through the code and found the issue. The problem is that in the JSON the arguments like this:

    "Arguments": "-ssh -l $EffectiveUsername$ -pw $EffectivePassword$ -P 22 -X",

will resolve the the $EffectiveUsername$ and the $EffectivePassword$ with the credentials of the dynamic folder.

To ensure the tokens are resolved at connect time using the dynamic credential values, you need to escape the tokens:

    "Arguments": "-ssh -l $$EffectiveUsername$$ -pw $$EffectivePassword$$ -P 22 -X",

Let me know if this works.


Hi Stefan

Thank you for the response. Yes just got that working when the token is escaped.

Glad to hear that. Is your issue now resolved or is still something missing/not working?

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