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Import multiple connections via CSV

Hi there,

I have to create a large bunch of connections, but only with a few credentials.

I want to create the connections with the option "Use existing credentials". But I didn´t find a field to import it.

A second question: Is it now possible to import directly to a specific folder?

In export CSV folders are visible.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Stefan,

the CSV import feature is a bit limited. You can find a tutorial with some tips on how to set advanced properties here:

To find out which properties are available for each connection type, or for advanced scenarios check out the Scripting API documentation:

Here, for example, you can find the documentation of all properties available in the web page connection:

To set the properties to use an existing credential you need to set the following properties accordingly:

CredentialMode: 3

CredentialId: the GUID of the credential you want to assign to the connection

This can be done using the CSV import or the PowerShell API.

A PowerShell sample script on how to build a connection file from a CSV can be found here:

With V5, we also have a new feature called Dynamic Folder which allows you to build your tree from a script by returning a special formatted JSON. This allows for nearly endless customizations and possibilities to be able to use external data within Royal TS/X with ease.

Here's an example for CSV:

You can also use other sources, of course (like a DB or Active Directory, etc.). One of our customers already posted a great tutorial on youtube:

Regarding your last question about setting Auto Fill Options: this is a bit tricky as we store the auto fill configuration in a special structure depending on the UI elements. You can configure an auto fill for one connection and save the document to disk to see how we store the configuration.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Additional question: How can I import Auto Fill Options via CSV?

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