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Window splitting both horizontally and vertically

In an attempt to provide parity of features between RoyalTS and RoyalTSX, could window splitting horizontally and vertically be added to RoyalTSX? Vertical splitting was recently added and is greatly appreciated. Adding horizontal splitting would close the feature gap between RoyalTS/x.

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Hi Ryan,

this is something we want to add in the future.

Unfortunately it's quite a complicated feature that we need to develop on our own. On Windows, there are libraries available which can be added to an application and they provide splitting features out of the box. Nothing like this exists on the Mac though and providing the existing splitting feature already proved pretty challenging.

We will evaluate if it's possible for us to implement this when we plan for the next major release.



Thanks Felix. No rush, I just wanted to officially post an Idea for it since it's something I use in RoyalTS and would love to see it in RoyalTSX as well.

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