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Chrome Key Sequence not working since update


since Update 5.0.61428 Key Sequences are not working anymore on Web Page Connections (Chrome)


I think the web page does not get the focus since the key sequence will run outside of the web page and is changing stuff in the royal ts interface

2 people have this problem

I made a Video of the current behavior:

Thank you for the video, Patrick. Can you increase the first wait in the key sequence task to {WAIT:5000} - just for testing?

It did still not work like it was before the patches... but I was able to change the Key Sequence so that it now works...


{ENTER} had some strange behaviour... so I now Submit the form with SPACE on the Submit Button

Also I had the problem with one extra random Keystroke in front of theĀ $EffectivePassword$ so I added theĀ {BACKSPACE}... very strange but at least its now working...

That is weird. Anyone else is seeing this?

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