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"Windows Processes Managment" - Filter by (CPU) load / top load

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to grab the processes from multiple servers (let's say, the first five VDA server) and filter out every process > not responsible < for minimum (example) 5% of the CPU load?

So that we got a constantly refreshing view, listing up a handful processes to allow us a quick overview if a process start to create too much CPU load.

The important factors would be process name, server name, usage of CPU / RAM.

Basically, that what the "Windows Task Manager" shows us if we are locally on the server.

I know it's possible to get above informations via powershell but does Royal TS support listening the CPU/RAM usage?

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Hi Robin,

the Windows Processes Management plugin is based on a WMI query on the process class. Unfortunately this class does not have the CPU usage values. To query the CPU usage you need to make use of PowerShell. You can find a similar question here:

Once you have a PowerShell script which shows the correct data, you can still use Royal TS to show the data in a grid and also let Royal TS auto refresh the grid:


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