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RoyalTS Not Responding


When opening the properties of a connection and either clicking cancel or ok royalts becomes unresponsive. Even if you do not make any changes, it's like it has to re-load the document. The application is not writing anything to windows event viewer or any log file I know of.  

Version: 5.0.61330

10 documents open with about 4400 connections/task/etc in them. We also use document icons as well. I know that was a bug in a previous version with the application being slow. 

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback. I changed the code to not refresh the tree if the properties dialog has been canceled. This will ship in the next minor release.


Not to bring up an old issue but wondering if this has been fixed yet. Version 5.0.61707 has a hang for 5-6 seconds when opening the properties box and clicking cancel. 

10 documents open with 4319 connections between them all using document icons. I'll also make a local copy of the documents and remove the document icons and see if it happens still since I know there was an issue in the past with them. 

Thank you.

Removed the document icons and it is still occurring. Some times RoyalTS will go "not responding" for a second or two before it unfreezes.

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