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Add support for simulated keypress in webform

Some web forms require a key up even to validate the input has been typed.  Please consider adding some kind of simulated keypress to go with the fill/focus/click options in a web form.  I knwo this can be simulated using autofill + keysequence combination.  It would be more convinient to have it in the form options.

Possibly even an option to fill as keystrokes instead of jsut filling the value.

Hi Shawn,

we updated our javascript for auto fill to simulate the keyboard events properly. The next release should behave better in those situations. Maybe you can try again once we have published the new release in the next week or two.



THanks for the quick fix Stefan

Per the update notes, a fix was put in place that should have been a solution for this, but the web forms that require key presses for input validation still fail to login until each field is focused and a key pressed once.

Hi Shawn,

we did improve the auto fill javascript and we knew it's not the silver bullet resolving all issues around that. Can you provide a public web site which doesn't work and requires the keyboard events?


Stefan, I do not have an external site.  But one internal tool we use which is available publicly is called Splunk.  If you do not use this, you can obtain a free version from  It is the login page for the tool, not for the site.

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