Update 3 (2018-07-16):
A new Royal TSX beta update (V3.3.1.2) is out now which attempts to resolve the scrolling issue. If you give the beta a try and still encounter the issue, please let us know! Thx!

Update 2 (2018-06-20):
Unfortunately, DP2 doesn’t fix the crash when scrolling the navigation panel. We’re still investigating what’s causing this. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t responded to our bug report yet.

Update 1 (2018-06-15):
The first Royal TSX beta update (V3.3.1.1) is now out which somewhat improves compatibility with macOS 10.14 DP1. Specifically, a bug has been resolved that caused the application to crash when closing Remote Desktop connections. Please note that the problem that causes the app to hang when scrolling the navigation panel is still unresolved.

Hello early adopters,

now that the first developer preview of macOS 10.14 Mojave has been released, we wanted to give you a quick update on Royal TSX’ compatibility with the new OS.

Like with every beta OS, we want to remind you that we do NOT generally support beta/developer preview releases and we do NOT recommend to install OS betas if your daily workflow depends on Royal TSX. However, it’s obviously in our own interest that our products are compatible as soon as possible. For more information please see this KB article.

In the case of 10.14 DP1 we unfortunately have to report that Royal TSX is NOT compatible at the moment. Royal TSX randomly hangs/freezes when scrolling the navigation panel (sidebar) as well as other list views. While we’d love to fix whatever is causing this, we haven’t been able to track down the source of the problem yet.

We filed bug reports with Apple and hope that whatever is causing the hangs gets fixed in one of the next developer preview releases of macOS Mojave. If you would like to help us get this resolved, please also file bug reports with Apple. The more reports/dupes they get the more likely it is that the issue gets resolved.

Thx for your understanding,
The Royal Applications Team