Dear Royal TS User!

Royal TS 5.0.10812 beta is available for testing.

MSI Installer:
Zip File:

To install and run Royal TS using the zip archive:
Extract it to a directory of your choice (do not overwrite an existing installation of Royal TS and make sure you delete all files first of your destination directory!) and start RoyalTS.exe
To speed up application start, run ngen.cmd once in an elevated command prompt.

It is strongly recommended to make backup copies of your .rtsx/.rtsz files and also backup the files in %appdata%\code4ward

If you have feedback or want to report bugs, please use the Royal TS Support Portal.

Version 5.0.10812
Release Date: 2018-08-12


  • General Favorite tasks and templates are now displayed more structured for each document.
  • General New dynamic folder setting to control whether or not the dynamic folder is reloaded when the document is opened.
  • General New dynamic folder setting to control whether or not the contents of the dynamic folder is persisted.
  • General Added support to import and export dynamic folder configuration and RoyalJSON (rjson) files.
  • VMware New VMware module does not depend on vmware.vim.dll anymore. PowerCLI installation is not required.


  • General Fixed an issue where the overview page crashed.
  • File Transfer Fixed an issue where file transfer connections do not work using secure gateway tunnels.

Version 5.0.10728
Release Date: 2018-07-28


  • General New user interface skin with SVG icons with high DPI support.
  • General Customizable user interface and icon colors.
  • General Support for Dynamic Folder objects.
  • General Support for Dynamic Credential objects.
  • General Support for Remote Desktop Gateway objects.
  • General Support for using Remote Desktop Gateway objects via 'Connect with Options - Connect through Gateway'
  • General A new icon library with vmware clarity icons.
  • General Improved the icon picker to support multiple icon libraries.
  • General Web connections can now be used in Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.
  • General Improved browser extensions security.
  • General Support for KeePass field references.
  • General Support for LastPass vaults hosted on the domain
  • General Support for customizing the Add menu.
  • General Support for customizing the screenshot file name using general replacement tokens.
  • General Support for closing all disconnected tabs using the context menu.
  • General Support for Windows 10 toast notifications.
  • General Improved auto start document loading performance.
  • General Support for locking and unlocking the quick access toolbar (QAT).
  • General Support for custom icons in Royal Passwords browser extension.
  • General Support for anonymous feature usage tracking.
  • VNC (Integrated) Updated VNC components which do not depend on additional runtime installation files.
  • Terminal (Rebex) Support for text highlighting based on regular expressions.
  • Terminal (Rebex) Bell (beep) can be disabled.
  • Web Page (Chrome) A new download manager user interface.
  • File Transfer Support for 'Apply to all' option for various operations.
  • File Transfer Taskbar progress indicator for file transfers.
  • File Transfer Support for drag and drop from one panel to the other to initiate file transfers.
  • File Transfer Support for Windows 10 toast notifications for file transfers.