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Task Command Window - Remain open after execution


It would be useful if the execute a command window could remain open after running the command or just show any output the command had.

I can .bat the command and put in a pause but it doesnt need that if I could just see the output result from the command to ensure it ran successfully.

I will primarily be using it with AWS CLI commands.


Hi Shaun,

there's no need to create a batch file, you can also chain commands and put an && PAUSE at the end of the command to achieve your goal.

Let me know if this helps.


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Ooops I had tried that but somehow botched it up. Working now.


It appears (at least with aws cli windows) if the command errors it doesnt trigger the && pause which is ironically the time you would want it to remain.

In this case you need to use || instead of &&




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