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Type Username/Password into Tab

I can copy usernames and passwords into the clipboard, and I can type the clipboard into the tab.  I frequently use these in combination in certain instances where paste doesn't work.  It would be nice if there was a "Type Username Into Tab" action and a "Type Password Into Tab" action.  Maybe just like "hold shift while selecting copy" to get it to type into the current tab instead of having a whole new UI.


you can pretty easily create key sequence tasks that do just that.

Just create a new key sequence task, set it as favorite and enter $EffectiveUsername$ as it's key sequence, then execute this task against the running connection (Tab - Favorite Key Sequences - Key Sequence Task Name).

As for the password, just use $EffectivePassword$ instead.

Hope that helps!



But it may not be the "assigned" username and password that I want to type.  Sometimes I have to use a bastion server and want to type the credentials for a different system.  I don't see any way to do that with a Key Sequence Task, other than putting the raw username and password directly in the key sequence, which I'd rather not do.


In this case you can copy the username or password to the clipboard and then go to "Tab - Favorite Key Sequences - Type Clipboard". Alternatively, if this is about RDP connections, you can also go to "Edit - Paste" which will essentially do the same as "Type Clipboard".

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