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Yubikey SmartCard Redirect

MacOS 10.12

I am trying to use SmartCard Redirect on a MacOS 10.12 machine to RDP to a Win10 machine.  I can use Win7 RDC through Parallels on the same machine and I'm prompted for PSA and PIN normally which allows a login.  When using RoyalTSX, it prompts for username/password.  If I specify the PSA, it tells me I have to use a smart card, ok, fine, "other user" > "PSA"... "Connect a smart card".  The smart card (yubikey) isn't shown as an available option.  Smart Card is enabled under Redirection.  NLA is disabled, but falls back to enable apparently.  Shouldn't RoyalTSX detect the smart card that was able to be used via Win7 RDC?

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Hi Shaun,

we generally do support smart card redirection in RDP connections.

To enable it, just make sure your smart card is visible in Keychain Access and enable the smart card redirection feature in the "Redirection" properties of your RDP connection in Royal TSX. How to make your smart card appear in Keychain Access heavily depends on the manufacturer of the card reader and smart card. Please check with your vendor if your hardware is actually supported on macOS and where to get the required software. Then, after installing the software, open the "Keychain Access" app and check if your smart card appears in the sidebar. Additionally, if you want to log in to the remote session using the smart card, note that smart card login + NLA is not supported and thus NLA needs to be disabled in this scenario.

That being said, unfortunately the implementation, which is based on the open source library "FreeRDP" is far from being stable and works only in some environments and some specific hardware. That's why we've chosen to label the feature "Experimental" in the UI.

Here's a selection of bug reports on FreeRDP's issue tracker in regards to smart card redirection:

Unfortunately this is something we can't fix on our end as the issue is with the FreeRDP library. We're just consuming that library and are not part of the development team.

If all the prerequisites are met in your environment and it still doesn't work, I'd appreciate it if you could post a "+1" on one of the FreeRDP issues to raise the awareness of the developers about this problem.

Additionally, you can try using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac beta which includes support for redirecting smart cards. You can get the beta here.

best regards,


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