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Proxy inheritance

This is a UI followup to the RDP proxy configuration idea. I would like to set the proxy for a folder and have all child connections (and child folders) able to point at that folder's proxy.

One possibility would be an alternative type for Secure Gateway, which already has inheritance. I know that Secure Gateway is used for other types of connections as well. Some plugins like SSH should already be able to interpret the proxy options in a way that makes sense (ssh -o 'ProxyCommand nc -x localhost:56789 %h %p' for SOCKS). I do not know about VNC, Web page, or other plugins. Maybe a PAC can be generated for Web pages?

Once again, thank you for the RDP proxy stuff. I have been showing it around the office.

Oh, and if you always need the proxy for certain connection you can use bulk-edit to apply the settings to multiple connections at once:

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Hi Michael,

until a separate "Proxy" object type is available, you could use a connection template with your proxy settings.



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