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VMware Console access

I can connect to the esx and see status, start and stop but when I try console adhoc access nothing happens.  Is there more configuration I need to do?

You're welcome, Mark! :)

Thank you.  That solved my issue.

We don't ship any tools to establish connections to virtual machines running on the VMware platform for legal reasons - as they are using their own VNC-like implementation. Please install the free VMware Remote Console on your machine to be able to open "vmrc://" links:

Yes that is what I am trying to do and I have not installed anything.  Are they installed on the esx host or the virtual machines?

Hi Mark,

I'm assuming that you're selecting "Connect (Ad-Hoc) - VMware Instance (Console)"? If so, have you any tool installed on your machine which can handle the "vmrc://" URI we trigger in Royal TS? Like the free VMware Remote Console, VMware Workstation Player or something like VMware Workstation Pro.

Best regards,


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